Thanseena Ilyas , a former Graphic designer  and now a hardcore  Vlogger from God's own country Kerala, with a huge number of followers on social platforms .

Her journey as a vlogger started with an informative post on  "Adharam(Proof) registration"  which is very important to common man . It made the whole tedious procedure simpler to deal with.She video-graphed the step by step process and posted it on Facebook. This sole video changed her life. Gathering a huge number of  likes on her Facebook page, it set the launching pad for the rest of her videos. A couple of other videos that were posted became instant hits too.

Now Vlogging is her occupation. She has a YouTube channel, Thanseena Ilyas and all the videos posted on Facebook are uploaded on YouTube too. The passion she had on Vlogging helped her to achieve 438000 followers so far on her facebook page alone. Her followers are expatriate who supports her whole heartedly on each venture.  Her ventures are accompanied by her life partner Ilyas M who is into web designing,a computer teacher, editor and also her camera man, so it's a a complete team work of this lovely couple and that's a stepping stone to success in whatever they work on . He is also an active participant in creation of videos benificial to public .

So far, She has created and uploaded numerous videos on her page which includes  Travel, Public Information, Life Style, Entertaintment & Business Promotion videos. She has also done live sessions. 

In addition to this Facebook page, she also owns a YouTube channel and an  Instagram too. These help her to move forward more strongly as well. 

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thanseenai/?utm_medium=copy_link

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgwA8EqpXE1-FL8vy7LYs4g

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Thanseenailyas/

Every single video created by her can be uploaded into all these sources via a single instant. This will help your company's promotional videos to be present right up there in 'google search' as well as  when someone searches the details of your company through any social media platform.

Looking forward to an enduring  relationship with you and support from each one of you.  Also ensuring our best and prompt services at all times, just for you.

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